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Journal of Comparative Literature, licensed by "Razi University", accepts pure and well-designed papers in alignment with the field of Arabic and Persian comparative literature in both Arabic and Persian languages. Certified by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, it has been ranked as a scientific-research journal from May 10th in 2013 with the license number 3/18/528024. Accordingly, researchers are welcome to submit their studies that are in alignment with the journal`s objectives and Publications Commission`s intentions.

Authors can submit their papers to the journal of "Research in Comparative Literature" after signing up in the journal and be informed of the publication procedure and the status of their submitted paper(s) to the journal. In case any assistance was required, researchers can use the official emails of the journal ( and to   receive their response as soon as possible. Submissions to the journal of Research in Comparative Literature must follow the "Writers' Guide" provided in the website and "the Persian orthography of Farhangestan". May the submitted papers not follow the official requirements of the journal, the papers will be sent back to the authors for further revisions and may fail to be granted for the journal review. The journal of Research in Comparative Literature only publishes one paper by each individual author every year and all publication procedures including reviews, acceptances, and rejections are informed electronically through the journal site. Note that English and Arabic abstracts should be attached to the article.



  1. For the reviewing process to start, authors should complete the "commitment letter" and the form for "conflict of interest" provided by the website. The submitted papers should follow the format of the journal and the publication system provided on the website. To get more information in this respect, go to "writers` guide" menu, and visit the "essential forms" section please. Authors must note that considering the above-mentioned steps is necessary so as to initiate the revision process of the submitted paper.
  2. All publication procedures including the information about reviews, acceptance, and rejection are informed electronically through the journal site.

  3. The certificate of acceptance and review by the journal are provided electronically through the website. Authors should refer to the authors' guide page for more information in this respect.
  4. Authors are required to pay 2000000 Rials as the publication fee before the manuscript is sent for editing.

Journal title: Research in Comparative Literature

Type of credit: Scientific

Publication Frequency: Quarterly

Journal Language: Persian-Arabic (Abstract: Arabic, English)

Rank in the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology: 76 B

Arbitration type: two sides unknown

Similarity Finder System: Yes

Average initial refereeing time: 1 month

Acceptance percentage: 16% Access type: Free (full text)

Type of publication: electronic-print

Publishing cost: Yes

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Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 4 - Serial Number 48, February 2023 

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